Direct marketing Policy

Our commitment


We conduct our direct marketing activity with integrity and respect and, critically, in ways that enable our clients, partners and other data subjects  to have control over the storage and use of their personal data.

We comply with EU GDPR data protection regulations and other related legislation.

Explicit Opt-in based on informed consent
In compliance with EU GDPR our personal data storage and communication requires explicit Opt-in based on informed consent. 

The only exceptions are data arising out of a legitimate or contractual interest, or legal requirement as defined under GDPR.

No data sharing with another organisations
Flagship Marketing will not share data with other organisations (except as legally required or permitted) without the express consent of the data subject.

No acquisition of data from third parties
Flagship Marketing will not acquire data from Third Parties without the express consent of the data subject. 

Very restricted use of public contact information records
Flagship Marketing may use publicly available contact data for existing contacts who have given consent for being contacted in cases where a consented communication delivery failed (e.g. email or address no longer valid).

Best practice web usage tracking
Flagship Marketing tracks visits on our website to monitor interest in our activities and to improve the content, layout, structure and findability and search engine rankings of our website.